Blogging…….The End

During the last 3 months, I:

• Wrote 9 different posts, + this one, all school based.
• Got 5 comments over the course of the challenge. I got none from classmates, 2 from teachers, and 3 from across the world.
• The post that received the most comments was “Memories” due to what the subject is and how relevant it is to our age group.
• The post that I enjoyed writing the most was “Schooling” because it was interesting to learn about what schooling was like in Thailand and what schooling was like before I was born.
• I changed my blog theme because it was covering up most of my widgets.
• Overall, I had 16 widgets. It might seem like a lot, but to me it’s the right amount.
• I had 5 total overseas bloggers added to my blogroll.

Next, I asked my little brother about his first impressions on my blog.  He said:

The blogs were all interesting, and they didn’t need any work. I liked the widgets, but some of them were distracting. I did like to play with them because they were fun. Good subjects  and different backgrounds might be nice,  and they might be helpful to catch someones attention.

And The Nomination Is…!

After reading through many blogs, I have chosen a blog that particularly catches my attention. Click here to see her blog. I like what she has to say in her blog. It also is not too busy where it distracts me from being able to read and understand her blog. It has a pleasant background, a “flashy” heading where it catches my attention, and I love the topic she talks about because I like to travel also! When I read her blog, it’s like I get a very good visual picture, like I am there myself! Her pictures are very relevant to her topic of travel( an old suitcase and a camera). She also has a cool widget like me! She has a virtual pet dog, and I love dogs! The color differences make you want to keep reading because she gives you hints that there are more places she is going to talk about, and you should keep reading! She also sends you to other websites so you get a feel for what she is talking about, and it makes you want to go there. Because all of this, she gets me nomination.

“What Makes A Great Family?”

Everyone has their own ideas about what a family really is and “what” makes them really important to each other. For this one I talked to my parents about our family. First of all, family is whoever and what ever you say it is. You might have a mom and dad, dad and dad, or 2 moms, no parents, grandparents, friends for family, or even animals that you call family. It is whatever and whoever is “important” to you. I have a mom, dad, brother, 2 dogs, a cat, and grandparents that are very close to me that I would call my “great” family.

Mom says that kids need to feel safe at home and loved by their parents. Our family is very close to each other. They expect us to be honest to each other and treat each other with respect and kindness. I think of home as “home” meaning that I like being there. We have fun in the yard and just hanging out together. I feel safe here and I enjoy having my animals to love and play with. My home is comfortable. My mom also says that having her kids know they can come and talk to her about “anything” make a great family by her definition because she wants to keep the communications open with us. I feel like I can talk to my mom about anything, and most things with my dad. My mom feels eating 1-2 meals a day together as a family also makes us strong as a family because we can talk and share things about our day. Sometimes dad will even bring us to mom’s work so we can eat and visit with her at dinner time. Dad doesn’t have to fix dinner either! Mom also tells me that we all need our own space. I have my own room and I love it! I think my family is great because we try to do things together everyday, even if it’s just homework! But it’s really fun when we get to ride bikes together or travel and see cool things together. I have great memories of lots of cool things we have done. I know that my mom spends a lot of time teaching us things. She thinks that guiding her kids is part of making a great family. She wants to support us and help us make the right decisions.

I think that having family traditions also makes us great. On Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and July 4, we always do fun things together, and I look forward to that every year. I still get an Easter basket!

My dad had some of the same things to say as my mom. One thing that was different for dad though was how important humor is to our family. We laugh a lot at the dinner table, and when we have people over for dinner, they laugh and have a good time, too! Dad says it is important to tell us that they love us every day. Mom tells me good-bye and that she loves me when she drops me off at school every morning. Dad tells us good-bye and gives us a hug before he goes to work. Both of them told me that setting boundaries with us so we go in the right direction is their responsibility, they are not perfect. We need to stick together no matter what happens. Apologizing when you make a mistake helps us all feel better when someones feelings get hurt. I have to apologize to my brother sometimes when we fight! They say our family changes all the time with us growing up. But they want us to know that home will always be safe and comfortable for us and a pleasant place to be, and it will always have animals. They also both said that our family is great because we show affection for each other. Mom and dad give us hugs, and joke with us.

I know we are a strong family. We love each other, and we have fun together. We all make mistakes sometimes, but we stay together. Our family is strong. I will always have my family!

Interview of Parents

According to my parents and grandparents, schooling has really changed since they were kids in school. According to them,  some things have been positive, and some not so much. My parents sat down and talked with me about what school was like for them compared to now. I feel like I am very lucky because I got to interview my grandma and grandpa. It was especially interesting because my granny is from Thailand where schooling and their school system is very different from here in the USA.

My parents tell me that some things are different and some things similar than when we went to school. Both of them said there is “much” more technology in the schools now. Mom learned to type on typewriters. There was no keyboarding, so they had to try really hard to be accurate. For both parents art was optional and it was a separate class. Now it is integrated into “all” classes. They were taught penmanship and cursive writing. Now days schools do not consider it important. Kids showered after PE and schools then developed confidence in children. They tell me that graduation rates were higher, sports were more important then, and parent participation was very high. Teachers were always available after school to help kids with work. They either rode their bikes to school, walked,  or rode the bus. When they were old enough, they drove to school because they had afternoon activities after school and they needed a way to get home because parents worked.  Both parents say there were bullies in school as well as nice children, just like now.  Also, they said that kids now days learn  some of the same material they did, but a much earlier age.  They said they are not sure how much kids are really learning.

My grandpa and granny had even some different things to say about school. Grandpa had lots of sports and no electives in middle school. He either rode his bike or the bus to school. Health classes were required where you learned how to take care of yourself, and they studied things like immunizations and how to brush and floss your teeth. Just like my parents, they showered after PE. Grandpa remembers they had chili every Wednesday, and the cost of school lunch was ¢25 a meal. There were nice kids as well as bullies. My grandpa says there was a strict dress code. Boys were required to wear a belt to school and the girls’ dresses had to be lower than the knee. The female teachers would make the girls kneel to the ground. If their dresses did not touch the floor, they were sent home to change clothes and required to come back to school.

My granny is from Thailand where schooling had a different cultural flavor to it. Granny had to wear a uniform to school and parents paid for it if they wanted to send their kids to school. They paid for their own books,  and the kids went on frequent field trips to the zoo,  but parents paid for these costs also. Many kids are home schooled because parents could not afford school. Girls also have the opportunity to go to school. Buddhism is taught in the schools. My granny is Buddhist. They would pray to Buddha every morning and sing the Thai National Anthem. English was required, and they also had to take health and nutrition classes. Most schools were all girl or all boys, but a few were mixed. They also had PE, and mostly played different “ball” games.  Kids usually got to school by public buses, no school buses. Many kids rode took tooks, as seen by the picture. Granny says they had nice kids and bullies also. She thinks there are more bullies now than when she went to school. They went to school year-around, but had 2 months off in Summer and 2 weeks off a couple of times a year. To discipline children they would hit their hands with a ruler and tell them they were “bad kids.” There was a lot of Thai dancing and no technology in school because technology did not exist and what was there was too expensive. The country is poor.

There is clearly differences between school now and in the past! Some things are similar and some are different, but other cultures especially have very different schooling practices. What granny had to say was the most interesting!

“What is A Leader?”

There have been many world leaders over the course of time. All of them appear to have shared characteristics that are common among all of them. Four world leaders that come to my mind are Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), Martin Luther King Jr (MLKJr), and Harry S. Truman.

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the USA. He was best known for his beliefs of freedom and equality for all. He led our nation through Civil War and declared our slaves to be free and equal. He had Marfan Syndrome which made him very tall. He was assassinated for his beliefs.

MLK was a Civil Rights Activist who fought segregation by peaceful means. He was a baptist preacher that believed all people were created equal, no matter what color of their skin or anything else about them. He led peaceful marches and gave many speeches against segregation. He wasn’t afraid to put his life on the line for what he believed. He was assassinated for his beliefs.

FDR was our 32nd president of the USA. He led our country out of the Great Depression by deficit spending to create jobs for Americans. He also was a great leader during WWII. He is best known for the New Deal that put Americans back to work. After the Great Depression, he created the social security system, the United Nations to promote world peace, and the Security and Exchange Commission to regulate the stock market to prevent another Great Depression. FDR suffered from Polio and was in a wheel chair. One of his most famous quotes was “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Harry S. Truman was the 33rd president of the USA. He was the successor to FDR. He is most famous for ordering to bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which ended WWII. He never received any debriefing about the atomic bomb project, but had to make the decision to use it. As a result, he saved millions of American lives as well as millions of other lives around the world. He ended the war and created peace.

All of these people share common traits:

1. They’re not afraid to speak their mind even though others in the world might not like it.
2. They’re not afraid to speak out against activities that are either popular or unpopular with the people.
3. They’re willing to put their life on the line for what they believe. And they’re willing to take chances to better the lives of other people.
4. They have confidence in themselves.
5. They would prefer peace over war.
6. They’re persistent in their goals in the face of difficult things happening in their own lives, such as diseases, health issues, and the risk of loss of life.

My passion in life

Everybody has their own passion, something that they truly enjoy doing or being around. My passion are my 2 dogs Jill and DJ. They came to my family about 7 years ago. Jill is the mommy, and we bought one of her babies, DJ, also. They are Maltese, and they are the cutest little things ever. Jill weighs in at a whopping 4 pounds, and DJ, who stands for Dudley Junior, our last Maltese that passed away, weighs in at a staggering 7 pounds. They are pure white with fluffy, black noses and they shed very little. Their hair can grow all the way to the floor and they look like a little white mop running around dusting the floor. The personalities of my dogs are happy  and playful, and they are darn right cute little pests!  They love to sit on my lap all the time, and love to nudge me with their little wet, black noses.  I love to just spend time being with them, playing with them, taking care of them, and taking them every place that I can.  They also love to sleep with me, curling up next to my head on my pillow.  They are great companions, and I love to spoil them rotten!  They are also very high-maintenance, requiring bathing, teeth-brushing, walking, clothing them, grooming, and hair bows to keep their hair out of their eyes.  We need to feed them twice a day in addition to their food that is always out for them to eat.  My dogs give me a sense of responsibility, one that I enjoy taking on because they rely on me!  Here is a picture of my dogs.  Please take the time to comment.  Thanks…



As a kid, you’re always being told to listen to your parents. I am no exception. I remember a time when I was about 5 years old, my mother took my brother and me shopping at Costco. We pulled into the parking lot, got out of the car, and we noticed there was a van parked next to us with its back hatch pulled up. Inside we noticed it was full of all kinds of tobacco products. My mom got out of the can and immediately started to talk to us about how bad tobacco was for us. I remember my mom telling me that it would turn my lung black, make it hard for me to breath, and I would die from suffocation. Then my mom read the riot act to the man that he was killing innocent people including children. The man told my mom that the people have the right to choose. But my mom fired back and said that the tobacco companies need to stop marketing tobacco product to young  people. We then went inside the store where they were giving out free candy samples. While we were shopping, an elderly man approached my brother and me and gave each of us a piece of candy. My mom was standing next to us. We took the candy and said thank you. Then my mom asked us what we were going to do with the candy. We told her we were going to throw it away.

I write about these thing because they have really shaped the way I think and make decisions regarding dealing with strangers and what to do when approached about drugs. She has spent a lot of time of talking to us about making good choices, and that the choices we make now will affect us later. We have gone to real human body exhibits that have shown us what those things can do to our bodies. She has also exposed us to people who were dying from lung cancer in the hopes that we will never smoke. I really feel like the experiences that my mom has exposed me to as well as her listening to me has been a significant influence on making the right choice to not use tobacco and be safe around strangers.

Multnomah Falls


Photo Credit: Anupam_ts via Compfight cc

On July 4th 2012, My granny died suddenly. She was the best granny in the whole wide world. She loved the out doors, gardening, and the beauty of nature. One year later, our family visited Multnomah Falls. Our parents opted to stay at the base of the falls, take pictures, and have ice cream at the food stand. My brother and I walked our dogs up the trail to the bridge. We began to fight about who was going to cross the bridge first. There were many people on that bridge on that cold and cloudy day. I ran across the bridge before my brother and he screamed at me at the top of his lungs. I looked up into the waterfall and I saw granny’s face in the water. Everything around me became blurry and I couldn’t identify anything around me. I remember granny saying something to me in a calm and gentle voice, but I can remember what it was….

Come Visit Us Up Here in Oregon

Boy, if you decided to visit the state of Oregon, there are many beautiful things to see. Oregon is a “green” state because we get lots of rain and no extreme temperatures. I’m a good person to ask about where to visit, because I have traveled a lot!

First of all, we have one national park; Crater Lake National Park. It was created when Mt. Mazama erupted. The water is really blue and pure and it is the deepest lake in the USA. Also, I visited the Oregon Caves, a National Park Service Monument. It is very beautiful with lots of stalactites and stalagmites.

Next there is Multnomah Falls, outside of Portland. It is large with lots of water flowing over it, and has a bridge that you can walk across right in front of the falls.

Oregon also has lots of history with the Oregon Trail. You can trace the footsteps of Louis and Clark. We also have lots of performance arts throughout the state, such as the Oregon Shakespearean Festival. Oregon also has lots of farms and good food, especially in Summer.

Lots of people in Oregon are very friendly. If you travel to my state, you will not only enjoy the natural beauty, but the people also. We don’t have a lot of crime here.

Come visit us soon if you can because Oregon is a great state! Just for fun, I have created a quiz about Oregon to help spark your interest and curiosity about our history and beautiful sites to visit. Have fun!